Quantum Body Integrated Healing is a stress release correct approach to ones own bodily mechanisms that help balance any and all imbalances within your own energetic body. The SRC4U(stress relieving companion) is a Qi enhancement software program designed to balance energetic disruptions and imbalances that are primarily stress related.  A study done at Stanford University concludes that 90% of all DIS-EASE is created by stress.  We work with a person on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, astral and etheric levels to balance and enhance ones own body. Experts in most fields can tell us that a good diet and exercise are beneficial to our body wellness. Our observation in this busy world is that it becomes daunting to set aside time daily for a good exercise program.

How does it work??? All our sessions are done remotely. Remote sessions create the client as a recipient, much in the same way that a cell phone allows two people to speak to one another thousands of miles or just feet away from one another.  Radio waves and technology make it possible for the transmission of energetic frequencies and patterns, as everything has a resonance.  Simplified explanation is that we create positive energetic frequencies to combat negative frequency anomalies that are created by stress. Everything is energy and vibrates at a frequency, yes even you.


We connect with you whichever method is best to share the panels we use. Telephone, E-mail, Text, Skype, Telegram, Facetime, Zoom, video Chat. We offer a range of services and modules to help you achieve the results you’re after. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? We explain what services might be right for you and tell you more about our fees. We can create any custom session geared around your budget as well! Get in touch below.

Lezlie Lee discussing Quantum Body Healing in Depth.

Note: I do not diagnose or cure anything, and neither do the techniques I use. These modalities simply enable the body to regulate itself, bringing the body into balance and wholeness, thereby causing many symptoms to disappear. Please seek the expertise of a licensed physician for diagnosis and treatment of illness, injury, or disease.

Mini QBIH: In this mini session, the client will address 3 issues they wishes to solve. You will receive 3 days of broadcasting working with our various SRC Modules. Physical/sport injuries, ailing pets, cold/flu, energetic corrections\ clearings (all), general tune-ups, unbalanced Aura, and/or a low immune system, Need a overall boost?, This session is for you- $55.00

Weekly QBIH: Clients receive broadcasting daily using various therapy panels selected in the Pro-tools panel that address the clients intended area of focus. P4 Window is a master panel in itself which includes many options, modalities, tools and remedies for selection. We use all the tools of selection in our weekly panels based on the extent and extremity of the areas working with. $85.00

Monthly QBIH: The Premium Package. The client receives month long broadcasting where we will dispense daily all the appropriate signals you are needing right NOW. It will include working with all panels and modalities in areas of symptoms you wish to address on a mind, body, spirit level. This is a extended version of working weekly and we work with the same panels on a more extensive level. $300.00

365 Immune Stressor Reversal: This is a 365 day session, 1 year. Client is added to our scheduler database addressing auto-immune stressors. $1.00 a day to enhance your well-being. $365.00

Chakra Aura Balancing Session: This session will provide the client with what specific chakra’s are needing specific attention in real time with the use of our Aura Scan Module. This module shows where the lowest areas within the Aura are in REAL time as we look at the Top 3 lowest functioning. A visual image of the scan reflecting the imbalances will be provided you . $15

Introduction to Empowering your 7 Chakras: In this 1.5 hour session we will begin by understanding what a Chakra is and learning the energetic functions of each chakra center as well as its properties.  We will learn and discuss each center and its color associations and meanings in relation to the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies within our hue-man energy field.

From this class, you will learn ways in which you can support your 7 chakras through the use of various color therapy methods-tools that are inexpensive, fun, and will help maintain balance and well-being in your life on a daily basis.

Hand-outs and course information will be sent prior to class via e-mail. $55.00

Rainbow Body-Childrens Introduction to the 7 Chakra Energy System:  All kids every age love Color!  WHY, WHY, WHY???  WHY do they love color so much???

Children are drawn to color at birth.  All colors emanate from white light that comes from our great central sun.  When dispersed this causes light of different colors to be refracted creating a vibratory energy.  Our physical bodies are vibratory energetic fields, we just cannot see it thou we can experience it through our 5 senses.  Children are becoming more sensitive to their enviornments with Wifi pollution, outside influences and a dis-functioning society.  Color is a main staple that children draw off of on intuitive level to help support their energetic bodies, especially in times of uneasiness.

This is a 4 week, 1 hour live module training via zoom with your child. We will learn the seven main color location, association within the physical body and how the 5 senses interact with the rainbow body.  Color is free and I will provide ways of color therapy methods that your child will be able to use to support themselves on a daily basis. 

Pre-requiste for this course:  Age 2.5 and older.  Child must know its colors and numbers. 

Need Supplies:  Crayon colors, red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo\navy blue, purple

You will receive printable handouts for child.  $50.00


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