Leslie is amazing! I first came to her with so many emotional problems from lifetime abuse and neglect. My body was wracked with many imbalances and toxins. Leslie started with what I was needing most and continues to balance, enhance and cycle out the bad.. I’ve come a long way since I’ve met this dear Lady!”. Sasha Derenoff, Alaska

Lee, I don’t know what I would do without you and QBIH. It has totally amazed me and how it has relieved 95% of my knee pain. I haven’t taken pain pills or alieve in 3 weeks! I’ve referred friends who were skeptical but again Lee and QBIH have proven to work for me.” Mary Thorpe, Tennessee

“When my Small dog Bella pulled a muscle while playing too rough, I was scared. She couldn’t put her weight on her front paw. I called Leslie Immediately and with intuitive abilities she was able to put Bella on a series of programs that assisted her healing time tremendously. With in a few days she was back to playing like before the injury. Leslie was an integral part of assisting the healing process. I highly recommend her services for both yourself and our beloved pets.” Bella’s Mom, Illinois

“About 2 days before Christmas, I had developed an intense stomach flu virus, and it was intense. Plus, I have a weakened and overactive immune system, which means it takes me longer to fight stuff like this, and I don’t do western medicine. Well, on December 27th Leslie came to my aid! She used the Quantum Healing Technique, and while I don’t know the mechanics behind it, but I do know it works!! She asked me a few questions, and came up with what was wrong!  Within 24 hours, I started noticing an improvement!!  By New Year’s Eve, I was almost cured!! Leslie is an amazing holistic healer, and while I had not good results with this from going on my own, I have complete faith and trust, and her methods work!! .” Ahauchata-Tim Maselli, New Mexico

“I love the way I feel when Leslie “ hooks me up” to her healing quantum computer! The information that she receives about me is off the charts interesting and validating. I always feel energized and great when I get worked on because I’m receiving what my body needs at that time. The quantum healing also made a tremendous difference on my family member!! I am so grateful for Leslie and her amazing software. I highly recommend working with her for anything that ails you.
With gratitude and awe!.” Kris. H, Minnesota

“I thank you for all your services…so important and beneficial to maintain balance at this time! I highly recommend it and YOU! Thank you for offering such valuable healing tools.” Jeanine Schmitt, Illinois

Note: I do not diagnose or cure anything, and neither do the techniques I use. These modalities simply enable the body to regulate itself, bringing the body into balance and wholeness, thereby causing many symptoms to disappear. Please seek the expertise of a licensed physician for diagnosis and treatment of illness, injury, or disease.

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