What is Color?

COLOR.  We can not escape it.  From the minute we awake, it surrounds us.  It is everywhere.  Everywhere.  From our bed linens to our carpet to our clothing to our food.  It is everywhere.  All thru our morning rituals and all throughout our day.  From our breakfast food to afternoon lunch.  And even as the night draws in, there it still is…..


We are even wearing it and so is everyone else.  Chosen in that morning ritual.

And as the  dark night sets in, it still engulfs us.  In the presence of our home, furniture, television screes, restaurant, cars, it is there.  Surrounding us with its powerful presence.

And even as the day ends and we climb into our bed and go to sleep, it is still there, awaiting us in our dreams as we rest to bring forth another, colorful day.

Have you ever realized the power of color?  Einstein writes that all forms of matter are light waves in motion.  All colors represent the energy of light waves in motion vibrating at distinct and measurable rates.

All created things have colors, tones, and forms of their own.  Every created color tone, and thought associated with it, becomes a living thing to torture man or exalt him according to his use or abuse of the natural laws.   Colors are vibrations of creation.  Color is the result of chemical action.  Color creates chemical action and matter.  All systems of healing depend on color, and the chemical action in the body which produces color, to bring about any kind of change in body functions.  Even in medication a variety of colors is ever present.  When medication is taken into the body and utilized, color becomes a part of the process of digestion, ingestion, and oxidation.  

Color is the active principal in all vitamins.  Vitamin C is lemon.  Vitamin D is Violet.  Vitamin A is yellow.  Vitamin D is violet.  All B vitamins are present in the orange and red color.

There is a constant aura of color around each of us.These colors vary according to the condition of the body.  Wherever there is a deficiency of minerals or vitamins, there is also a deficiency in the color aura.  These colors are visible to many people. Kirlan Photography enables others to see the aura and address the deficient areas.

 By the scientific application of color to our bodies, we introduce a natural energy that enables our to eliminate waste and congestion.   At the same time color can repair virtually every form of damage due to injury and sickness.  The scientific application of color is one of the great natural resources of healing.  The results that have been achieved have been little short of miraculous.  It deals with the higher vibratory forces of nature through the source of all power-light.  

One way in using color to promote healing and correction is to use white light projected through films of various colors onto the body to reinforce or intercept the color emanations from the body.  This is know as light therapy.  

Light as well as our bodies is comprised of energy.  We are not just a physical body but a HUE-MAN body by composition.  Everything is a frequency vibrating to a certain color.  

Did you know that sound relates to color????

Musical Notes and their color correlation to the 7 Chakras.

 Sound is a frequency and musical notes resonate to different colors.  Each tone and color resonate to a certain chakra within our bodies.  Chakra is Sanskrit and means wheel.  And these energy vortexes within our bodies help makeup up our aura.  If one or few of these chakras are distorted, that is where illness or disease could set in.  Our emotions directly effect each of these chakra centers on a daily basis.  We do not think how our thoughts become things but they do.  They become distortions within our chakras and therefore cause disharmony within our bodies.  Our energetic bodies.

Working with color, choosing your clothing, foods, music can have a direct impact on our physical well being and our health.  It really is up to us to help maintain spiritual internal hygiene within our own energy fields.   What we eat and think is what we become physically.  If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live???

We are the colors we choose.  Choose daily!

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